FAQ: Where does ‘Pan Kisses Kafka’ come from?

A: It has absolutely nothing to do with the goat-love-god-whatever. Don’t know much about mythology, except whatever appears in the four books of the Aeneid my students read. I’ve never been that interested in Classics (except the HBO series Rome, but that had almost entirely to do with Kevin McKidd. Hubba-hubba!). A lot of this also has to do with the fact that my first grad-school boyfriend was a classicist and he was (cue Jean-Ralphio) the wooooooooooorst.

All right. Anyway. I started this blog in 2003, at the age of 26, when every person worth knowing in the United States both knew and loved Mr. Show. Mr. Show is still a dealbreaker for me (that classicist I dated, by the way? hated it). Anyway, the name of this blog comes from this “Thrilling Miracles” sketch, in which Bob and David go from sublimely hilarious to sublimely weird, and back, several times. The sketch is disjointed, weird, nonsensical, not so much “ha-ha” funny as “my brain just turned inside-out” funny. Anyway, now you know. Fun facts, etc.