“Crowd”-sourcing the next episode of German Finger Puppet Theater!

Hey guys! (or, you know, Dad). I honestly have no idea who reads this blog–I know that between 20-500 people per day do, from a variety of countries, that many have come from links on other blogs and Twitter, and that the most popular search terms bringing people here are “Jacob Pitts Justified” and “Sarah Kendzior” (I’m planning to do a post soon about the third famous person I know, the megasuccessful YA novelist Brittany Geragotelis, so hopefully that will generate more traffic, though said traffic will largely consist of very disappointed tweens). But other than that, I know jack squat about any of you. Not that your preferences for the next episode of my HIGHLY UNDERAPPRECIATED GENIUS WEB SERIES “Deutsches Fingerpuppentheater” (German Finger Puppet Theater) will help me get to know you any better…or maybe they will? 

Anyway, I’d like to solicit your feedback (anyone?) on which of these three ideas you’d most like to see me bring to “life” with my Kafka & Nietzsche finger puppets. (Keep in mind I ONLY have Kafka & Nietzsche puppets right now, and have no plans to accrue any more authors…YET):

1) an homage to the Sesame Street two-headed monster, but with massive German compound nouns

2) “Lass uns Deutsch lernen!” mit Kafka und Nietzsche (“Let’s Learn German with Kafka and Nietzsche”), where I take an interesting expression from either author and allow them to expound on what it means and why it is interesting

3) Slightly tweaked versions of common pop songs re-done in either a Kafkan or Nietzschean way, and translated into German

4) Your own idea, that is inarguably better than any of these three!

Help me?


My genius has finally been unleashed

A lot of people have been asking me: Hey Rebecca, now that you tanked your academic “career,” what are you going to do with yourself? Well, ask no more. Ask no more. This is the first episode of Deustches Fingerpuppentheater, starring Franz Kafka and Friedrich Nietzsche. YOU ARE WELCOME.