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Here are some of my past appearances:

August 5, 2014: The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC (on the same episode, though alas not the same segment, as legendary actor and my personal hero Bob Balaban!)

June 27, 2014, AdjunctAction Live Chat, “A Conversation With Rebecca Schuman (In Which Rebecca Schuman Just Yaps And Doesn’t Watch The Clock Like An Idiot)”

June 16, 2014, HuffPost Live, on “In Defense of Laptops in the Classroom”

May 15, 2014: Talk 910 a.m. (San Francisco) with Gil Gross, on “Confessions of a Grade Inflator”

May 15, 2014: NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto, on “Confessions of a Grade Inflator”

April 24, 2014: Talk 910 a.m. (San Francisco), with Gil Gross, on “Needs Improvement.”

April 21, 2014: Al Jazeera America, “Consider This” with Antonio Mora, on “The Sad Demise of College Fun.”

April 9, 2014: Back on my fave, Word of Mouth with Virginia Prescott, about “The Tenure Take-Back.”

April 2, 2014: Intelligence Squared Debate: “More Clicks, Fewer Bricks: The Lecture Hall is Obsolete” (video! podcast to download! hooray!)

February 19, 2014: On Word of Mouth with Virginia Prescott, about “Nasty and Brutish” (audio)

January 25, 2014: On America Weekend with Paul Harris, about “Postdocs for Jocks” (link only)

Dec 11, 2013: On NHPR’s Word of Mouth with Virginia Prescott, about “The King of MOOCs Abdicates the Throne” (audio)

Nov. 27, 2013: On KFGO’s The Mike FcFeely show with Mike McFeely, about the article “A Ghost Town With a Quad” (audio)***


16 thoughts on “Media/Contact

  1. Just a quick note: I’m an adjunct myself, and I’m active in organizing at Lindenwood U., and East Central College. “Hobbyjuncts” and retirees are BY FAR the majority at Lindenwood U. Furthermore, I go over and above the call of duty, and often beyond what an adjunct should do at both of these institutions. Why? 1) I like to work ( I’m not friggin’ lazy); 2) I have to if I want to keep my job; and 3) see #1. There is a such thing as pride in a job well-done. I will not half-ass my efforts to collectivize adjuncts, just like I won’t half-ass my job.


  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for your continued coverage of what has happened in academics over the last generation. (And for making me feel better about leaving a full time faculty position 8 years ago.) Great stuff.

    So my question is, have you read the New York Times OP-ED “Your Waitress, Your Professor” in today’s NYT? (Page A29 if that helps.) Sounds like she imagines herself as a bridge between professional and blue collar work, but it seems it really is about how junior faculty are continuing to be underpaid. I would love to hear your take on it.


  3. Rebecca,
    There is hope…….As a virtual conferencing guru I have seen the same lament from the corporate side. Yet corporations are waking up to the fact that they are losing candidates due to the lack of candidate interviewing structure. The corporation although had to shell out for a videoconferencing site for the candidate. My guess (and it is a guess, I don’t work in academia) is that the committeemen to virtual interviewing may be an indirect endorsement of distance education. I have seen a generational conflict between senior corporate management and the under 35 crowd.
    The drive towards virtual interviewing seems to be growing organically, the demand is coming from the interviewee side…and companies seem to be capitulating. Again, just an opinion.
    Matthew Fearnley
    Walpole, MA


  4. Hi Rebecca,
    I just send you a FB message with my response to a rejection email by HR in Hampshire. It must be in your Others Folder. You know, I don’t want you to miss it. Without doubt and clearly I think you rock in every area 😉
    All the best for you, and all the best for your family,


  5. Just wondering if you are the Rebecca Schuman that lived in Salem, Oregon for a brief time in the 80’s. I’m looking for a dear friend from long ago.


  6. Dear Dr. Professor Schuman

    Let’s say you were an undergraduate who wanted to write good and stuff and not start essays with “Ever since the beginning of time” and follow that up with an utter shit thesis that is stunning in its obviousness.

    What if you wanted to write an insightful paper on purpose, even working on it not on the same day it’s due

    How do you do that? I came by your The Essay Essay because I’m frustrated by my essay writing.



  7. To be honest and straight forward I am about to slam Rebecca Schuman’s essay consistent of unintelligent accusation’s.”and on those rare occasions undergrads do design to compose their own essays,” is a never ending phase coming from inaccurate allegations. The first thing you’ll notice, is she began a sentence with and, which any morally respectable contributor knows not to. “summarize the same four plot points 50 times until you hit Page 5, and then crap out a two-sentence conclusion?,”
    I am about to summarize in three hundred to five hundred words why this author wrote an entire piece of garbage with no factual evidence backing it. Within the first two paragraphs this author began to slam students on writing English papers. She is lacking the textual evidence she claims, when not inserted in her students papers, should be punishable by law in the second paragraph. In the third paragraph, she begins to degrade every student to read this idiotic paper, by saying we will likely view every comment as cruel feelings from our instructor. “That sliver of student population that reads comments,” is about to dissect every argument Rebecca Schuman posted in her “Getting schooled,” article in December of 2013.
    I believe any person humiliating college students, should not be able to speak for them. For without college essays, I would never have seen this excuse for a credible paper. Before we reach the end of the fifth paragraph, she concludes grading papers is a waste of time, I conclude every millisecond my eyes passed over millions of atoms to read Schuman’s paper was a waste of life for those atoms. “But my friends who actually work in such fields assure me that most of their colleagues are borderline-illiterate,” yet another given opinion phrased as a fact. If this truly is an attempt to erase all need for essays, why hasn’t she put forth the effort she claims the majority of students don’t?
    If this woman is in control of others graded assignments, (paragraph 7-8,) then why is she shredding any dignity she has as a professor in an terrifyingly ignorant, borderline psychopathic, essay?
    In the ninth paragraph, Schuman states: some students actually like papers, let them be English majors. I personally despise papers, but when they arrive in the form of retaliation towards one of the biggest bigots in the eyes of students scanning this essay, I will take it. If students are not made and taught how to use precise and correct grammar, they end up writing an essay they resembles “Getting Schooled.”
    I do agree we should bring back oral exams. Purely for the fact it will begin to show who truly has a head stuffed full of air. I hope to meet you one day, Rebecca Schuman, so you can look my in the face and admit you have done no credible work to factually uphold this feasible work of conceitedness.
    In paragraph twelve, the basic context reads: The idea of students expected to engage in thoughtful activity has been destroyed because we have proven we will go to any lengths to avoid it. If you were to read the papers student write who are as enraged as me, maybe you would have gotten factual evidence before publishing an article purely based on life experiences and opinions. “Call me a defeatist, but honestly I’d be happy if a plurality of American college students could discern even the skeletal plot of anything they were assigned,” yet again another nonfactual opinion stated within an online published essay. I was assigned this paper with the instructions of writing three hundred to five hundred words discussing if I agreed or if I did not. I chose to dissect your entire essay, on my free time, purely because you decided to post bigoted nonsense consistent of slander, and character assassination.
    Schuman, you have caused an endless amount of “sympathetic imagination” within the group of people, three years after you wrote this paper. I hope the cultivation of this essay by someone very much unlike you, will “touch you” and frankly that is more than your essay will do for anyone ever idiotic to waste their time reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Rebecca,
    Enjoyed reading your latest on Slate (Volk Heroes) and had to heave a huge sigh. . . we are no where near this level of child rearing. Whether it’s Germany, Denmark, Holland, Japan (insert any other country here), we Americans are certain to lag and drag.
    At least my kids got to be naked for a couple of years at home. . .then they went to college.
    Hals und Beinbruch,
    p.s. really enjoyed ‘Schadenfreude’. 🙂


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