23 Months: LET’S GO VIOLET

Oh hey, kiddo. You’re 23 months old! You’re a mere month away from your second birthday. I’d say “I can’t believe it,” but as I type this, you’re crouched on the floor of my parents’ family room, “helping” close the eyes of Kimpy, the definitely-worse-for-the-wear 40-year-old baby doll that used to belong to me. (“Kimpy” […]

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22 Months: PIPSQUEAK!!!!

It’s November 28, and you, my inimitable daughter, are closing in on your second birthday like president-elect Donald Trump on Pennsylvania at 11:30 pm on Election Night. (Too soon? It will always be too soon. Alas.) A year ago, our little nuclear family was decamped (and very briefly glamped) in Texas amidst our much larger […]

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