Oh hey there. Didn’t see you. (Psych. I totally see you.)


Hello. My name is Rebecca Schuman. This is my blog, Pan Kisses Kafka. I am currently on blogging hiatus, as I seek to finish edits on my first book of commercial nonfiction, Schadenfreude, A Love Story (Flatiron Books, 2017).

(Oh, and there’s the minor thing where I take care of a kid 24 hours a day.)

But welcome! I still love you. So, so much. I don’t know when I’ll be able to put up new content, but please feel free to have a look around. Peruse the archives by year (DATING BACK TO 2003 HOLY SHIT), or “enjoy” the “greatest hits” below.


  1. I translate “Supergeil” into English
  2. I lash out at the UC-Riverside English department for not giving its job candidates enough notice before the MLA. My lashing-out results in an extended war of words between me and Claire Potter, the Tenured Radical, with whom I now get along just fine, in case anyone is interested.
  3. When I decide to leave academia after four years of dejection, I am often told that it’s because I “wasn’t suited” to it. This makes me upset.
  4. I suggest adjuncts cut down on their grading time by using this one weird old trick.
  5. I get absolutely pilloried when I suggest that gays, lesbians, people of color and other underserved minorities will react to the EOE language in a job ad for Sewanee: University of the South, with a snort. HOW DARE I claim that a school whose faculty roster is so white it took me an hour of looking through department websites before I found a single minority is unfriendly to minorities? I also go on a massive digression about the two-body problem. This gets posted on a Sewanee subreddit and I still get angry Sewanee alums freaking out on me to this day.
  6. More in the Me v. Claire Potter Throwdown (which, again, is now bygones).
  7. My first true “rant” post Thesis-Hatement was in reaction to people all over the world condescendingly informing me that the life of the mind is about doing something you “love.”
  8. At the beginning of last year’s academic job market, I decide to invent a new thing where I ‘grade’ the job ads in my former discipline, German, so that the total shit-show that is a market with 10 jobs can at least provide some gallows humor to its victims. I am undecided right now about whether to bring it back in 2014-2015.
  9. ADJUNCT NATE SILVER,” the guest-blogger I was lucky enough to happen upon, provides my readers with actual statistics about the job market in German. So, yes, my ninth-most-popular post is not by me (and yes, I paid Adjunct Nate for his contributions, as I pay all guest bloggers).
  10. And, last but not least, perhaps my greatest triumph in my entire writing career: #BUTTSCAN.

8 thoughts on “Oh hey there. Didn’t see you. (Psych. I totally see you.)

  1. I have a PhD with honors (from a prestigious private university) in modern European history, with a specialization in German history, gender and sexuality, and religion in the transatlantic world. But do I have a job? no. I have the articles, the conferences and even the book, but no job. I read your post about teaching at the high school level. I have looked at teacher certification in my current state of residence; they just want two more years of education. But even then the public schools would not hire me because the PhD would make me too expensive. So I understand your frustration as it is my own.


  2. I’m hoping you are going to write a follow up story on the murder of tenure at Wisconsin. Votes on tenure today by the (governor-appointed) Regents followed a discussion centered on how educating the students was like making widgets.


  3. I love your writing; it’s criminal that you don’t have a full-time job in “the academy.” Who could have foreseen that professors would become ancillary to education–and brilliant and talented ones even more so?


  4. Hi Rebecca
    I am interested in knowing if you have any information about a group mobilizing to fight Scott Walkers actions at UW. I am a three degree alumnus. When I was at UW, we were one of the finest universities in the world while I was there I was allowed to create a cutting edge research design that ultimately has taken me all over the world as a scholar. I am beyond sick at the damage that cretin has wrought. Any ideas whom I might contact?


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