Rate My JIL, Sept 22

These lists are dropping, like, in the middle of the afternoon on Fridays and I don’t know what to do with that shit, so I guess here’s a twofer?

Four new ones today:

  1. Baylor, AGAIN. Oh good, a non-tenure-track lectureship at a piece-of-shit right-wing propaganda factory masquerading as a university. Nein, Danke. What’s the deal, Baylor? Did you catch your department chair fornicating with the only member of the faculty and you had to fire them both (by “fire” I mean “cast into the fiery pits of Hell with all the gays but somehow no Trumps”)? I’ll never know and I really, really, really don’t give a shit.
  2. Reed. OOH DARK HORSE, MOTHERFUCKERS. That’s in my home state of Oregon, and if this were 2012 I would be crying and convulsing with longing. This is the kind of job that makes it particularly painful when people who aren’t familiar with academia are like, “Well, where you you want to live? What about Reed? Have you thought about applying there? I heard they are good. Just walk into the office and be like, ‘Hey, I’m good’ and [sound of me dying].” It was hard enough when there simply weren’t any jobs in the area where I wanted to live; it was somehow even harder when there were, because I never even made the first cut for them. That will happen again this time if Reed wins the contest, but at least now I won’t really care. BONUS: Up until a few years ago, Reed had a NOTORIOUS dean that everybody hated who was famous the world over for reducing job finalists to self-loathing goo. I heard they aren’t there anymore. Maybe I’m wrong. If I’m wrong, I HOPE I MAKE IT TO CAMPUS so I can experience it for myself!!!!!
  3. Southern Fucking New Hampshire University. Whoa, this is ballsy as fuck. SNHU is essentially a for-profit masquerading as a nonprofit (like Western Governors U), and here they are just advertising on the MLA list like it ain’t a thing. IT’S A THING. I see you.
  4. University of Rhode Island. Wait, I thought that was called “Brown.” But seriously, hoo boy kids, this listing is going to be super controversial, because it’s for a specialist in…BUSINESS GERMAN. This is SUCH a hot-button issue in German Studies. Once I was interviewing for a TT job for a big R1, and they had a German for the Professions minor, and at my interview, I was like, “Oh, this seems interesting and I have this super awesome course all planned and it is only MOSTLY about Aldi and not ALL about Aldi,” and they were like SCORN SCORN SCORN THIS IS A THING WE DO FOR PEOPLE’S DUMB PARENTS and I am pretty sure I blew the interview simply by being enthusiastic about a thing their department did. Anyway, I didn’t know there was a University of Rhode Island, but of course there is, and this is a German for the Professions position that’s gonna make some literary purists out there wail.


3 thoughts on “Rate My JIL, Sept 22

  1. A word about Baylor: if you a) practice Christianity or Judaism; b) come from an evangelical background and are therefore highly tolerant of right-wingers, even if you are not one yourself; or c) willing to trade your standard corporate university hypocrisy for some religious hypocrisy, it’s not a bad place to work. The humanities legit matter there, lecturers are treated humanely–you have access to research funds and such–and there’s nice solidarity among the younger faculty. You just have to keep your ungodly gayness hidden. And go to church (no joke).


  2. The Business German stuff at Rhode Island is not just optics for the parents. As I understand it, the vast majority of their foreign language majors (in all of the languages, not just German) are Engineering students who are enrolled in Global Engineering program that involves living in a language house on campus, earning a double major in Engineering and the foreign language, a semester or year of study abroad with Engineering content in the target language, and an internship abroad. If my memory and the person who told me about this can be trusted, the original idea came from Engineering at a point when the language programs had really low numbers of majors and minors and it wound up totally transforming what they do.


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