Rate My JIL, Week of October 18 (POLL ONLY, SORRY)

You guys. I have too much actual, paid work to do today to make fun of job listings, so I PROMISE I’m going to do a big catch-up on Friday, with extra ascerbic…ism? Ascerboscity? I don’t know. (After all, what better way to celebrate the Jewish New Year than in petty self-sabotage?).

For now, I leave you with nothing but this updated poll. First, some results. DRUMROLLLLLL….In last week’s poll, Colorado College CLOBBERED.

Will the addition of some dark horses this week change anything? I DON’T KNOW. Don’t forget to vote!



4 thoughts on “Rate My JIL, Week of October 18 (POLL ONLY, SORRY)

    • Oh you’re wrong–one often doesn’t get a response even IF they have made the first cut, and, in rare cases, one can also be ghosted after a campus visit. I’ve heard it all. At this point nothing about the academic job search phases me, but we’ll see how I feel in January! My husband says, “Well, clearly you’re bored, so I’d rather you do this than mess around!” We’ve also agreed that if, come January, I’m back in “Thesis Hatement” mode, I’m never allowed to do this again.


      • Speaking of hatement, a related area worth exploring is the whole academic publishing jeremiad, specifically trying to get a good monograph accepted and published by a ‘respectable’ academic press, which then butchers the work and deletes the best pics and graphics because a spiteful grad student was given control over the editing. And then a 400 page volume sells for a hundred dollars. This ties into your article on peer review, which is some of the most persuasive commentary I’ve ever read on that topic. Your piece on your academic monograph, and the expense entailed in being an independent scholar, was spot on. Been there.


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