Schu’s New Shoes News!

Hello, friends! I’m trying a Thing. I’m going to do a bi-weekly newsletter, called Nihilism for Optimists. Please subscribe to it! It will be updated more often than this blog is, and contain multitudes, just like you.

Those multitudes will include but not be limited to: adjudication of pointless debates; way-too-emotional opinions on things that may or may not matter; upcoming live in-store and media appearances; upcoming releases (such as the audiobook of Schadenfreude, A Love Story, coming very soon to an Audible near you! Read by bilingual German-American voiceover actress Christa Lewis!); shoe news and reviews; inappropriate haiku; my fee-fees; links to recent publications online; the occasional kid pic.

Hello. I "value" your comment. (No, really, I do!) Please don't be a dick, though.

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