an exclusive first look, and some real talk about promoting a book during the apocalypse


It’s February 2.

The world is a flaming garbage pile.

It is a truly miserable time for almost everyone, and that includes those of us fortunate enough to have books coming out, that happen to be nevertheless coming out at one of the worst times for non-political books in human history. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is for me to be all like HEY BUY MY BOOK! when you are busy calling your senator and protesting and reading awful news and generally trying to save the world? Trust, I wish I could just sit this out. But I can’t. Because I have worked too hard, for too long, on this book. I have wanted to write and publish a book since I was old enough to know what one was. This is the realization of a lifelong dream and the culmination of more than two decades of “material accumulation,” i.e. major life mistakes. I should not be apologizing to you for trying to get you to read it, because it is a good book (I think!), and it will not waste your time. But I know that these are unpresidented times (wokka wokka sob), and I have general and well-documented self-esteem issues, so, here you have it.

All this is to say that I realize the fate of Schadenfreude, A Love Story is, and should be, pretty low on your list.

BUT, if perchance you want to practice some “self-care” in the form of laughing and making fun of me, then do I have the book for you. Starting next Tuesday, you can buy it, but starting today you can get a little taste for free, thanks to my friends at Longreads (which, like WordPress, is part of the Automattic family).

I hope you like what you read, and I really want to hear what you think, and I thank you, as always, for your readership and your presence with me on this long and weird journey. Now if you’ll excuse me, the frog is stuck in the Daniel Tiger trolley again, so duty calls.

4 thoughts on “an exclusive first look, and some real talk about promoting a book during the apocalypse

  1. Dear Rebecca, We got your postcard today at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, NH and it made us laugh. So I ordered your book. Just 2 for starters, but if we like it, we will try hard to sell it and we will have to order LOTS more. Best, Hillary (a bookseller who appreciates a laugh these days)


  2. My pre-ordered version just dropped! But this week I also just found an international German postdoc I’m considering applying to (even though I hardly speak a word of German). Now I’m wondering whether reading your book will convince me to apply or utterly terrify away from apply


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