30 Days of Schadenfreude: SCHADENFREUDE LIVE! (Not a musical.)

St. Louis friends and readers, if you would like to take a brief comic respite from your regularly scheduled existential anguish (and also the incredible protests and activism you are all doing), please join me and some of my friends for the launch party for Schadenfreude, A Love Story (which releases in just over a week, not that I’m counting or freaking the hell out).

WHAT: Reading, party, 90s music, German trivia (with prizes), Q&A, books for sale, and — most importantly, pretzels and beer.

WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 12, 2-4 p.m. (It’s a 21+ event. Yes, even I will be leaving Fluffy Trouble at home with a sitter, God help me and the sitter.)

WHERE: Urban Chestnut Brewery and Bierhall

DEETS: Tickets are $25 general/$20 student (includes a round of beer and German pretzels), BUT I have a personal guest list, and if you are an adjunct or otherwise-underemployed St. Louisan and regular reader of this blog, I’d be honored to put you on it (first-come, first-served), and all you have to do is email me. All proceeds from this event will be donated to several social justice charities in St. Louis that focus on child literacy.

For more info or to buy tickets, visit the site of Meet Me St. Louis, the local nonprofit organization putting on the event.*

(*currently the promotional copy identifies Kafka as a German author. I know that this is not true. They mean German-language author. Please don’t be pedantic, and please come to my party.)

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