30 Days of Schadenfreude: Oh, how the mightily self-righteous have fallen

Those of you who’ve been with me for a few years know that I have devoted much emotional and intellectual bandwidth, and many column inches (too many column inches), mocking, deriding, and otherwise problematizing everyone’s favorite scapegoat of the intellectual class: jargon.

So imagine your glee to see, today, as we face down a new age of American authoritarian kakistocracy, this full-throated defense of the same.

Forgive me, academics, for I have sinned. I will issue anyone who wants one a lengthy, extra-contrite personal apology now. All I ask in exchange is that you buy my book, buy it for all your friends, tell your friends to buy their own, make friends with famous people, and then get those famous people to buy 100,000 copies from a single source so I can fake my way onto a bestseller list, like the President.

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