30 Days of Schadenfreude: Scott Walker Edition.

Thanks to my Twitter friend Kate for this. Every Wisconsin scholar’s favorite personage apparently paid off his campaign debts by selling his donors list. I’m sure the donors are thrilled. #SchadenfreudeToTheNth

I realize it’s been a few days and this is a very bad #30DaysofSchadenfreude campaign, but if you can fucking believe it, we got stuck on ANOTHER DIVERTED FLIGHT on our way home to St. Louis, and ended up landing in Chicago at 1 a.m.

But, here’s one for the #Freude files — since we were the only two doofuses on a flight landing at midnight with a little kid in tow (in our defense, it was an “emergency” reschedule due to the ice storm that cancelled our first flight home a few days earlier), the gate agent in Chicago, Jeremy Fletcher (Official Guardian Angel! Take note, United Airlines!), said he’d take care of our rebooking and hotel vouching personally, instead of making us wait for untold hours at the customer service desk with all the other adults. (EVEN FIRST CLASS. LOL. #SCHADENFREUDE. Especially because the snooty-snoot first-class flight attendant tried to make me stand there with a 30-pound Fluffy Trouble in my arms at the plane’s doorway and wait while he took the First Class drink orders. Oh, I’m sorry MY LIEGES, that my super-inconvenient preboarding the gate agent TOLD ME TO DO, got in the way of you ordering your Tom Collins in time to get a buzz on before the rest of us plebs board. SUCKAS!!!!)

Anyway, Jeremy was so kind to us that King Dork and I almost cried, and he booked us for free into the schmancy Hilton that’s actually in O’Hare Airport, so we could actually just walk to our room from the gate in about 10 minutes. Granted, we couldn’t get our luggage and it was 3 a.m. by the time anyone fell asleep, but for being stranded it really couldn’t be beat. Then the next day we got stuck in taxi traffic and waited to take off for literally longer than the flight from Chicago to St. Louis took. We finally got home, to find a sewage backup in one of our bathrooms (we are so lucky we have two, holy geez), and an Internet outage. Only one of those prevented me from the valiant continuation of #30DaysofSchadenfreude, and for that I apologize.

Meanwhile, I remind you as always that Schadenfreude, A Love Story, is available for pre-order from many fine e-tailers, and will be available for regular-order on Feb. 7. It makes a great gift for someone you don’t like, an also for someone you do! The eBook edition is super-affordable! I will personally cry tears of regular Freude if you buy it and read it and enjoy it! Danke!

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