30 Days of Schadenfreude: Ok, this one’s just Schade.

We are at long last supposed to fly back to St. Louis tomorrow.






I’m sure someone out there is taking great joy in this, so I think it still counts.



4 thoughts on “30 Days of Schadenfreude: Ok, this one’s just Schade.

  1. Uuuhh Rebecca (or should I say Fukknutt), have you and King Dork started plotting and scheming how you will cajole or bribe your parents into making the trip to St. Louis in 2017’s winter season yet?

    I ask this as a Missouri native and expatriate who left (more accurately fled) to the wilds of suburban NJ nearly four decades ago, and who made a yearly journey to southwest MO around the holiday season more years than not.

    I thankfully never travelled with anything equivalent to your Fluffy. But my experience was that at least one leg of each trip had this kind of weather-related uh, er, trial. I can give lots of details if you like, but I think your mind is good enough to imagine them. Let’s just say that one time I finally got into Lambert after a really bad ice storm had brought much of the Midwest to a halt and saw some of the people that had been trapped in the terminals for three days was . . . memorable.

    Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

    I’ll save the story about how a nerdy scientist/engineer type got pulled into reading your blog for another time.


    • We straight up canceled and rebooked our return flight (scheduled for tomorrow!) and are hoping to bypass this ice storm altogether. Fluffy has a January birthday, so the Schumans have made many a miserable winter sojourn to STL already. Often they’ve had good luck. Sometimes they haven’t. But at least St. Louis salts the bejeezus out of everything (JK salt is awful I hate it).


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