30 Days of Schadenfreude: Corinne’s Nanny

On this season of the Heteronormative What the Fuck Hour, the official villain is a grown adult woman with a nanny.


My daughter is an actual toddler and she doesn’t even have a nanny.

Anyway, the Schadenfreude comes, I guess, from the knowledge that everyone Officially Hates Corinne? I sorta feel bad for her, TBH. Mostly, though, I feel bad for me, for somehow getting sucked into this season of the Heteronormative What the Fuck Hour.

One thought on “30 Days of Schadenfreude: Corinne’s Nanny

  1. I am stoked to read your book and will pony up the dollars for it! In the off-chance that not-ponying-up is on the table, though, here is my Schadenfreudig tale:

    1. buy a coffee at bakery in late morning on the way to work
    2. spy a spinach-feta bureka in the pastry case, the last of its kind
    3. am on the cusp of ordering it, but decide to eat later
    4. feel incredibly smug in my uncharacteristic act of self-restraint
    5. go to work
    6. think about the bureka literally the whole time I am at work
    7. take a break after several unproductive hours, go back to the bakery to see if the bureka is still miraculously there
    8. it is!! in all its sesame-encrusted glory! it has awaited me so patiently.
    9. queue up behind one other woman who is placing her order
    11. God is dead


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