Rate My JIL, Pre-Apocalypse Edition

I can’t right now, you guys, with this election and all. I can’t. All I can do is keep my kid alive and eat carbs. It’s the kick ass and chew bubblegum of 2016.

Here’s one sad little job, and now it’s November, so MLA season is pretty much over. Total TT list, not including the job below, which doesn’t count, is 14. Total NTT is 11. This year has been, and will continue to be, an absolute massacre.

Anyway. Here’s a job. Who the fuck cares? We’re all going to die because this country’s full of FUCKING DIPSHITS who think someone’s vaguely iffy email server management makes her worse than literally the worst person ever to run for the presidency. Honestly, I can’t start. If I start I will never stop. One more week. One more week. One more week.


University of Glasgow. Lecturer or Senior Lecturer [UK for “Assistant or Associate Professor”] in Translation Studies. O American Germanist, I’d put your chances of getting this job, which is NAGJ, somewhere between wee and nae a pumpin’ chance.

One thought on “Rate My JIL, Pre-Apocalypse Edition

  1. If you want some jobs to fantasize about, the best place to look is jobs.ac.uk. Type in “German” as the keyword, and you can dream of your new life in as a senior lecturer in London…or an Americanist in Heidelberg…or a professor of cultural philosophy in Rotterdam. The Glasgow job will be there, too. The site is like grade-A heroin for people dreaming of academic jobs.

    I have no idea who gets hired for those kinds of jobs, but chances are very low that those people have Ph.D.s in German from American programs. You can take the time to apply by designing a bunch of documents unlike anything you’ve written before, and hope that you have figured out correctly what “module” and “tutororial” and lots of other words mean in a UK context. If you’re especially unlucky, you’ll get a chance to interview, either by flying to the UK at your own expense, or by Skyping (while all the other candidates are sitting in the room along with the search committee), while some resentful Oxbridge DPhil tries to prove how little you know about topics that are irrelevant to your research or the advertised teaching responsibility.


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