Rate My JIL: Don’t Get Murdered Edition

Will the nightmare that is the 2016-2017 German job market ever end? On one hand, you may be saying please, no, because the longer this bullshit drags on, the more “jobs” will materialize. We’re now, for example, up to FOURTEEN entire tenure-track positions in German or German-adjacent disciplines, and that’s more than three times the number on the day the list dropped. Who’s to say the list won’t triple two more times between now and Thanksgiving, which is what it would need to do in order to present a robust market? On the other hand, the longer the market is going, the more listings like these you’ll get:

Bowdoin. Two-year sabbatical replacement VAP. REDRUM!!! That place is spooky AF.

Notre Dame. NAMFGJ. This is, however, a medievalist job, I think bringing the sad little medievalists’ total up to about three this year? I believe the Middle English for that is hoely shitte, thattse a lotte.

Valparaiso. This week’s sole TT job opening wants a “generalist,” which is private Christian university code for “heterosexual white male between the ages of 35-45 with a stay-at-home wife.” Have fun teaching the collected works of Martin Luther for the rest of your life, uptight blonde man!


In other and unrelated news, I got the first review for my book this week. It’s an early one, obviously, since the book won’t be out for three more months, in Publishers Weekly, a.k.a. one of “the trades,” which are publishing-industry-specific magazines largely read by editorial assistants at New York publishing houses, assistants at New York literary agencies, and the occasional bookseller. It is a good review. I am beyond grateful. Whatever lies on the gratitude spectrum after “grateful,” that is where I am.

8 thoughts on “Rate My JIL: Don’t Get Murdered Edition

  1. I’d love a Rate my JIL on Italian, which is also basically dead. Only 9 of the 16 jobs on the JIL are actual Italian jobs, and several of those 9 are non-TT. On the wiki there are 10 TT jobs, including one in Korea and one for a Yale senior scholar that’s for a specific full prof they want to poach. So far there are 4 non-TT jobs on the wiki. So, there are 14 Italian jobs available on the planet, and it’s nearly November. lol.


  2. I was looking through some ads in my field (History), and I found one that reminded me of a legendary rant from this author/blog. To sum up:

    “Hiring Assistant Professor of XXX History, will interview candidates at AHA”
    Application deadline- December 15
    Christmas- December 25
    New Year’s Day- January 1
    Start of AHA- January 5

    You do the math.


  3. The Valpo job will actually be pretty awesome for someone, although the pay won’t necessarily be. The German program is very strong, the department has its shit together (so much so that it recently saved its Classics program from certain death by fighting the administration to preserve a tenure line), and there’s even a German House with its own endowment. And while there are a lot of heterosexual white males on the faculty, it is worth noting that the university exists in its present form (that is, as Lutheran), because a Lutheran organization swept in and bought the declining college in order to prevent the KKK from buying it in the 1920s. (Seriously.)


  4. Speaking of Medieval jobs that are NAFGJ, could you do a Rate My JIL for Medieval? I think it has similar problems to German, but from another direction (chronological, rather than geographic/linguistic encroachment).


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