I’m way late on this because shit is fucking nuts in my day-to-day, but boy did I love Hillary’s DNC speech.

I have largely avoided watching a single minute of a single presidential candidate yapping this season (unless you count Larry David’s genius Bernie impression), so it was truly refreshing to be reminded that actual-Hillary, though flawed and very politician-y, is (surprise!) actually nothing like the caricature that both the right and far-left has gleefully painted these past months. (In contrast, Fuckface J. Demagogue is even more of a caricature in person, if that is at all possible.)

I am more than confident that the second President Clinton will be, if not great, surely a relentlessly competent, and someone who governs like a sane Earth human operating within the very important constraints of existing American democracy. This is something I have, like many of you, only recently learned not to take as a given. Remember when our asses were really legit worried about Mitt fucking Romney, who is basically Hillary with a milk addiction? Jesus shit.

And that, of course, should be the takeaway for me, and millions of other people who know that Trump must be stopped but were feeling anything but Fired Up and Ready to Go. And it is…

EXCEPT THAT PANTSUIT THO. Holy SHIT that was the single most flawless garment I have ever seen. BESPOKE, fit her to the micrometer, and clearly made of some of the most gorgeous wool (cashmere, perhaps?) known to humankind. Every single stitch of it radiated TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. Madam President. Fuck yes.



  1. That pantsuit! It was the best. She freaking GLOWED. And the color connection to the suffragists was awesome. I (mostly) loved her speech, too, especially when she was talking about listening and empathy and compassion (and actually acknowledging systemic racism!) and basically being like “all these values that get dismissed as weak and feminine are actually what make us totally badass and powerful so take that, patriarchy!”


  2. It was all pretty d*mn cool (and I, too, am optimistic, and grateful that there’s one competent adult in the race, and thrilled that she happens to be female).

    You might enjoy this (less complementary of the pantsuit, but otherwise nicely aware of all the complications of the situation, while recognizing the very real competency, and the achievement): .


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