This SICK MOM lets her babby FREEZE MUST READ


This babby iz clearly freezing.

Back for another helping of righteous indignation from the eager Trumpiverse, this Scummy Liberal Idiot Slut wrote another “article” on “Slate” (whatever THAT IS) about stupid women stuff that she is nevertheless doing wrong.

Uh, lady, first of all, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR CROTCH SPAWN. I know you “claim” that you “write” about your baby so that “other people” with babies can “relate,” but we all know your a ATTENTION WHORE, and a regular whore too, tho why ANY ONE would want 2 have INTERCOURSE with you I DON’T KNOW, because nobody cares about women stuf but EXPECIALLY nobody cares about fat and UGLY women over 35, lol that’s redundant, all women over 35 are fat and ugly, except my own mom, who raised 15 kids in the Dust Bowl during the Depression and NOBODY EVER went without a hat. Although she did beat the crap out of everyone.

ANYway whatever you do DO NOT READ THIS it’s SATAN.

7 thoughts on “This SICK MOM lets her babby FREEZE MUST READ

  1. If you’re curious, Germans are even worse about this than Americans are. Rain? Cold? Intense sunshine? Some old German person will let you know about the threat to your baby’s health that you have sadly overlooked.


  2. The Swiss accost me daily about not only the inadequacy of my daughters dress, but my own too. Apparently, it is not about the weather, but the date. I am amazed at how many layers Swiss babies wear despite it being 15C and sunny. How do these people manage diaper changes? My child barely holds still to get her single onesie snapped, actually she doesn’t I have become a master at awkward angle snapping. I can’t imagine successfully getting multiple layers back on.


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