Boutique Editing Services!

Hello! I promised an “exciting” (boring) announcement, and here it is. I am now officially accepting clients for my boutique (read: small) editing practice. I did some moonlighting as the sometime editor of the English translation of the JMB Journal (the journal of the Jewish Museum of Berlin), and I LOVED it. I liked the work, yes, but also I liked how well it worked with my schedule of 22 hours per day of running after and then sleep-nursing my tiny friend, and 2 frantic hours per day of scraping together whatever work I can do.

I had been planning to rebuild my coaching practice (and I still hope to), but right now the baby has let me know what she thinks of me having regular appointments where I can’t pay attention to her, and let’s just say that her first word is MAMA but her second and third might be FUCK and YOU.

Obviously I am still writing a ton (or a comparative ton, for a SAHM), but my current book project is now with my editor (and, hope of all hope, soon to be in production and out of my fat little mitts), my next book project is already cooking (stay tuned, agent!), and I am already back at Slate and Vitae, and short-form Internets writing is difficult to manage when the teeny one in your midst won’t let you react to timely news articles in a timely fashion. Also, I’d like to balance my professional life with some work helping people (which is my favorite part of diss coaching), and I am a good editor/revision specialist, so, why not?

I operate on a sliding scale based on income, and I would be delighted to answer any questions you might have, in comments or via email. Interested, or know a friend who might be? You know where to find me.

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