Reposted from my public Facebook page:

Hello everyone! Welcome! Today is my 39th birthday. I am celebrating by spending time with my family–my parents, husband, and our beautiful daughter.

After much soul-searching, I have also decided what I want to do about the rather shocking flood of hatred (including more wishes for death than I want to count) coming this way after a recent article I wrote about my family’s cussing culture and the taboo and ethics of mothering imperfectly in public got picked up by some conservative outlets that meant me harm.

Many of these individuals have “threatened” to “call Child Protective Services” on me, not knowing that among my Facebook (and real) friends number at least a dozen social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and other mandatory reporters, and that if any of them believed even for one second that anyone in my family was in danger, social services would have been on my doorstep two months ago, when I posted the first “hard-won-nap victory” selfie.

In fact, every state’s Child Welfare division (whether called CPS, DCFW or CSD) is tragically underfunded. One of the best services performed in my parents’ home of Eugene, Oregon happens to be a location where I performed volunteer work in high school: the Eugene Relief Nursery. They do invaluable work for at-risk families and their children.

So I have decided that for every ignoramus who threatens to “call CPS” on my adored, immaculately cared-for child, I will donate $5 to the Relief Nursery. (Every time the odious Katie McGuire mentions me in print, I will donate $25.) I urge anyone, friend or foe, who actually cares about child welfare, and not going after the scalp of a feminist mother who made the “mistake” of publicly admitting that motherhood is not 100% rainbows, to donate $5 as well. You will be helping actual families in need by doing so. Thank you! Pass it on!

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