Anti-Vaxxers and Nonsense Courses

Today’s been a bit of a Schuman Takeover at Slate — indicative of just how much time my mother-in-law has been spending with my daughter. 

Anyway, my second piece today is about batshit-crazy sounding course at U of Toronto that was cancelled sometime between when I finished writing about it and when it appeared on the website. I’m betting that it was right around the time that I was cleaning spit-up off of Elmo (“Eew!” Said my husband. “Elmo looks like he’s in a porn!”) and hanging him up to dry. File under “Why I Hesitate To Write About Breaking News.”


Passion of the Christ Elmo

I was kinda hoping this piece would unleash a Kraken of anti-Vaxxer rage so that I could retweet a bunch of hilarity and post hatemails, but it didn’t.  

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