Okay then.

You may remember the author of a certain infamous “big-girl panties” LTE that briefly went viral on the Chronicle of Higher Ed‘s website last year. Just kidding, you don’t, because it was ridiculous and everyone forgot about it. In said letter to the editor, a full-time tenured something at somewhere (honestly, I forgot) criticized adjuncts for being whiners and bad at their jobs. She also used the aforementioned underwear phrase in reference to Margaret Mary Vojtko, an adjunct in her eighties who dropped dead on her front lawn of a heart attack after being fired from her longtime employer. I didn’t think that was particularly nice, so I wrote a brief blog about it, entitled “Is This The Worst Fucking Person In the World?” I then said, no, actually, she’s not, and explained that ISIS was definitely worse (A COMPLIMENT!!!!!!!). This was like a year ago, by the way. Anyway, today I got this email, from Prof. Panties herself:

You may not like my opinion.  I have academic freedom and can state my opinion.  Where you have crossed the line into inappropriate is not respecting academic freedom and in creating a harassment and cyber bullying case.
I will report this to your ISP, which legally will have to shut down this page.
Let me remind you, Academic Freedom is the right to express a concern, idea, thought, opinion or concept.  It is an opinion.  What you have done is NOT express academic freedom.  You have bullied someone.  This is not okay.
Shame on you.   You have 24 hours to take it down or I start making a very big stink.
And if you know anything about me or my credentials you can be assured that I’m earning another masters degree in IT Privacy Law.  This is right up my ally for a defamation of character suit.

I hope it’s not too far up your ally, because that might hurt him or her.

Anyway, I’m nothing if not cooperative, so I duly redacted the entry, and I replaced it with something better.

UPDATE: I keep getting email from this individual, progressively more irate. Today she promised to report me to state, local and federal law enforcement. For….???????

I guess I should have said she was worse than ISIS? Please advise. 

17 thoughts on “Okay then.

  1. So when she says things that are not nice about adjuncts, who are among the hardest working and most underpaid people in academia, that’s “academic freedom,” but when you say the obvious about her, that’s bullying.

    She’s a narcissist on top of that, thinking that the exists only to protect her.


  2. i adore this completely. I followed all the links and re-read everything. just noticed that her name is spelled Stukel. if you care. (why should you?)

    on another note, i do hope to see you in Eugene. I’m here in August. Let me know when you arrive. Karen


  3. WHY is your piece considered bullying? JC, man. What an atrocious shitball of a person Stuckel is. Great, now people defending the poor from employers’ abuse is illegal, too? Glad you posted her email.


  4. I don’t know Catherine Stuckel, nor had I heard of her until your post alerted me to her LTE in the Chronicle. All I can say is she sounds like what my sainted Irish-American grandmother described as Bicycle Irish. When I wondered aloud about the nature of that group she told me, “It’s them that makes your ass tired.” Keep your head up and stay proud.

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  5. Really? Methinks she doth protest too much. She is disparaging adjuncts? “Professor???” (she doesn’t seem to have a title which makes me think she has a term appointment as an instructor, aka adjunct with benefits) with an MA teaching at a technical community college? She teaches online courses about Microsoft Word, getting online, and how to type up memos. And she’s disparaging adjuncts!

    Click to access FALL%202015%20Class%20Schedule.pdf

    All of this under the mantle of academic freedom. Ha ha ha ow. As if academic freedom applies to your blog and her threats? Sue her ass for harassment. Maybe you could make as much as you would adjunct teaching a single course at her CC! That’ll show her how to make a decent altac living when one, despite a PhD AND publications, can’t land as “great” a position as hers.

    Here’s one of her class websites: http://cstukel.tripod.com/id1.html. Here you can find out about her class on social networking. Where we can also learn that she has 3 college degrees!!! An AA, a BS and an MA. Wow. And we can also learn that she has a bit of an issue with misplaced modifiers (shouldn’t be too much of an issue when creating a FB or twitter account, so I guess I wouldn’t have a problem with her teaching the next generation of students despite the fact that she whines about adjuncts….)

    She must be really bored to send you an email like this a year later. Guess one has a lot of time when summer months aren’t full with keeping up with one’s scholarship (you know, writing articles and books , attending conferences, etc.). Or maybe this is her summer research on how to harass people online, how to post on WordPress, or how to prove that there’s no such thing as bad publicity (aka how to keep yourself present on the web a year after you have faded into obscurity).

    Or maybe someone has stolen her name and is trolling the net? This is really the only plausible explanation I can think of. Or she’s using you as an example for students in her course on “What Secretaries do to Waste Time When Business Ain’t so Good.”

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  6. Wowsers. Her original letter to the editor was abusive. Now she sounds like your run-of-the-mill stalker, threatening you because you won’t do what she wants. I’m no lawyer, but it sounds to me like you’re about to have a better case against her than vice versa….


  7. So, someone who doesn’t have a PhD, who teaches ‘office management,’ has got her knickers in a knot over a (well-written) response to her arrogant and insensitive LTE on the sad and unfitting death of an (adjunct) academic? I’m just wondering why it’s taken such a long time span for her to express such belated concern… Either someone is using her name for a spot of trolling, or she really is desperate


  8. I hope Her Wackness does report you to state, federal, whatever law enforcement so that there will be a nice solid publicly-accessible paper trail documenting what a personality-disordered crazy she is. I wonder what made her decide to get a master’s in “IT privacy law.” Who knew there was such a thing?


  9. Best guess: she’s spending some of her summer checking out and trying to improve/curate her online presence (which isn’t a bad idea in itself), and chose a particularly bad approach to doing so (my impression is that, if one doesn’t like what turns up when one googles oneself, the only effective strategy for improving matters is to try to bury the old, bad stuff with newer, better stuff).

    One thing (okay, one of many things) she seems to have neglected to do: google you, to see what sort of online presence/credibility you have (pretty good at this point, I’d say), and maybe to glean a few crucial biographical details (e.g. availability of free, highly qualified, nearly in-house legal counsel).

    At this point, if she continues, she’s only going to raise your profile further, while calling attention to herself for all the wrong reasons. Therefore, for her sake as much as yours, I hope she stops.


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