Gone Fishin’, Motherfuckers

 After ten days of packing hell and continuing uncertainty about the state of the sale of our condo, followed by three days in the car with a baby who fucking hates her car seat, as anyone should — the first to Indianapolis, the second to Columbus (where we stayed with our wonderful friends May, Curtis, and Aki), The third an improbable 12 hour Odyssey the rest of the way — we have landed at my mother-in-law’s in upstate New York. This morning the baby’s grandmother kidnapped her for like 3 1/2 hours and I was so grateful to have even a second to decompress that I didn’t even check on her once! 

A gal could get used to this. 

5 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’, Motherfuckers

  1. Part of your column on tenure was quoted in the “Comments” section of the Chicago Tribune this last week. That appears on the main editorial page and includes only two items daily . It was the part that said there were now too few with tenure to form a complaint group.


    • That’s what my aunt said. I think as far as she and my uncle are concerned, you haven’t made it until you’ve made it into the real version of Cousin Larry Appleton’s paper. Standing tall on the wings of my dream indeed!


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