Who ordered this Babby? XXXXL?

And yes, that’s a Dansko box. You destroy your hips in pregnancy and then your back lugging around a 20-pound baby, and then you can dictate my foot fashion.  Also they go great with my PajamaJeans. #frumpocalypse

7 thoughts on “Who ordered this Babby? XXXXL?

  1. This baby is the platonic ideal of babies. The Whaddya want? face, the mohawk, the “but of course I’m lounging everywhere, all the time” attitude. Well done, parental unit!


  2. Ooooohhh….look at those extra-nibble-y toes! An all-around squishabble, kissable, adorable extra-special delivery package!!


  3. And when you’re ready to run (ha ha), go for the Altra shoes with the human shaped toe box. I’m pretending they look cool.


  4. GORGEOUS. I accidentally dumped a quarter-cup of coconut oil on my baby’s hair and no more cradle cap.


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