It’s true. I reported on a breaking news story a year and a half ago because I’m fat. 

“turns out your article in slate about boulder is complete horseshit. 6 women philosophers in the department have come out in scathing opposition to the retarded investigation that was carried out on their department. you probably would have been able to figure this out yourself if you weren’t equal parts fat and snarky.”

Allow my significant girth to topple over with surprise — and watch for aftershocks, because I am so fat, you guys — that a gentleman who would use the word “retarded,” and attribute my insistence on reporting on sexual harassment investigations to my size (which, if I’m following, makes me unfuckable, and thus more apt to report on sexual harassment investigations!), would also not possess the reading skills to understand that the six “women philosophers” in question objected only to the broad brush that tarnished their innocent colleagues and not to the actual creepers in their midst who actually got fired. But, you know, words and all.

For what it’s worth, I happen to be a size 12 after the birth of my daughter, and I think I look beautiful this way, and so does my husband (and don’t make me remind you, hate mailer du jour, how the baby got there in the first place, since it would shatter your worldview).

But even if I were a size 22 and had never had a baby, I’d a) still be beautiful if I worked it and b) it would probably have no effect on my proclivity for writing about breaking news events in academe using all of the available information at the time.

Here’s a recent picture of me in all of my fat glory. Fat and proud, motherfuckers. Fat. And. Proud.

8 thoughts on “It’s true. I reported on a breaking news story a year and a half ago because I’m fat. 

  1. I’ll skip the (deserved) compliments to you and talk about the will power of your husband. He is a pillar of restraint and prudence. If somebody spoke about my wife that way, I would hunt them down, then probably end up in jail.


  2. I know you’re above this sort of thing, Rebecca, but it strikes me that the guttersnipe who posted that attack needs to be subjected to his own personalized insults combining bodily characteristics and emotional attitudes that are perceived as undesirable. The question is is he equal parts
    a) dandruff and misogyny
    b) undescended testicles and intemperance
    c) smegma and solipsism?


  3. I’m sorry these trolls refuse to go away. It’s probably some repressed academic from the department in question, and their vitriol probably signifies how right you in fact are. I remember when I tried voicing concerns about the “breaches of professionalism” (i.e. harassment and other abuses of power) among those in my department and in those closely affiliated, and both faculty and their graduate student suck-ups (who, after years of conditioning, had trained themselves to regard their advisors as infallible) would come after me with (what they thought to be) the most masterfully minded character assassinations the world has ever seen. It made me realize how so many of these departments are like the former communist governments in East Central European countries. They are widely varied in their execution of ideology, brutal in their preservation of the status quo, desperate in maintaining the cult of legitimacy by personally and arbitrarily selecting up-and-coming hardliners who can inherit said system, and of course, these corrupt departments and their cheerleaders are hardly capable of keeping up with the realities of the age (i.e. this isn’t the Mad Men era anymore; allegations of sexual harassment are serious and can finally be, in the continuing battle for equality in the workplace, seriously investigated).


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