Die ewige Wiederkehr der Schuman

I’m back at Slate! My first column back takes advantage of all of my pent up annoyance at some of the anti-adjunct (and anti-job market loser in general) rhetoric I see from people who should know better and oh god the beast is awake and she is hungry never mind. 


How that column got written. 

7 thoughts on “Die ewige Wiederkehr der Schuman

  1. Psst, tenure trackers. Guess what? Those of you who hate on adjuncts the most? Those are the ones on the fast track into administration, where they will hate on all faculty for the rest of their careers.


  2. It appears that your boob is still bigger than her head but at the rate this girl is growing probably not for long!


  3. Hey, thanks for linking to me again in the article. Nowadays I keep hearing people go after contingent critics of the privileged disdain you describe by saying that they are “undermining solidarity.” One such person even accused me of “doing the work of management.”


  4. Brava on getting some writing done. Your picture is how I pictured I’d finish writing my dissertation after I had my first, but alas that was a fantasy. Glad for you that you are able to live out that fantasy long enough to get out an article; no worries about the abbreviated blog post.


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