Everyone thinks she’s a boy. 

Either because she’s huge, or because we dress her largely in gender-neutral clothing, and as everybody knows, gender-neutral equals male. Anyway, we’re just back from Trader Joe’s where there were a lot of babies, but only one who was absurdly huge for “his” age…and only one who demanded to be taken out of “his” car seat and carried around. At any rate, speaking of car seats, this little one doesn’t ride in the car much, but when she does, she rides in style. Or at any rate, like a boy. 


Just home.


8 weeks of incessant eating later…


8 thoughts on “Everyone thinks she’s a boy. 

  1. Gender is pretty irrelevant at this stage, especially to the smaller person in question. Growing up in the 70s, with groovy hair, including flick-ups, my brother and I were often mistaken for girls from about the age of four to ten. Our indignation knew no bounds.


  2. On a different noe: Oh, just wait until you start reading all the “kids” books. Holy shit. Drives me bonkers, but flat-out pisses my husband off. Nearly EVERY gender-neutral character is given male pronouns. Only very “feminine” characters are deserving of a female pronoun. JUST YOU WAIT. Apparently the reasoning is that “girls don’t mind reading stories about boys, but boys don’t want to read stories about girls.” That shit’s gotta change. Perhaps YOU will be the one to change this abhorrent, old-fashioned, degrading trend in the world of children’s book publishers. Or at least raise attention to it : )


    • I’ve taken to automatically switching to feminine pronouns when reading to my daughter, especially when they’re otherwise gender neutral. The little red caboose? SHE held tight to the tracks and kept that train from sliding down the mountain. All of the animals in the Saggy, Baggy Elephant. The Runaway Bunny and HER mother. It boggles the mind how little female characters who are not the protagonist’s mother exist in children’s books!


      • YES! We are big pronoun-switchers too. But what the hell? WHY do we have to switch pronouns?!?!!! My oldest is going to be sorely disappointed when she begins to read on her own. But, it will be a nice springboard for some good discussions….


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