One thought on ““I just can’t HOLD you like this all night, you little fucker!”

  1. I’ve been reading about your baby with great interest even though I haven’t commented until now. Prior to my wife having our first child some 46 years ago I spent hours in SLU’s library, which I had access to since I was a grad student, reading the then current research on neonates. I discovered to my surprise that neonates can focus their eyes within a narrow range and showed a preference for brightly colored and geometric shapes, as well as human faces. Since my wife was unable for several reasons to breast feed, I decided to jump-start the kid’s learning curve by creating heavy paper cut-outs that fit around our baby bottles. Each cut-out was different, some had bright colored geometric shapes while others were black and white. When the baby took a bottle, we would slide a cut-out over the bottle about six to eight inches from his face and slowly rotate it so he saw a different shape every minute or so. Wow, I can hardly describe the effect it had. From the very first he instantly focused on the cut-out and watched it intently. When we would rotate it his eyes would follow the movement and he would stop sucking. When he focused on the next shape his sucking increased dramatically. He almost never cried or fussed while watching the shapes, even if he was sucking on a pacifier and the bottle was empty and all we were doing was rotating the cut-out so he saw different shapes.

    I’m not exactly sure how all that could help because you’re breast-feeding and probably can’t put a heavy paper cut-out around your boob and rotate it. LOL. Sorry, but that seems pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I’d try using that concept in some way rather than holding the kid up for . . . whatever time period. Good luck. Anyway, our first turned out bright and inquisitive. Don’t know if that can be attributed to anything specific but my money is on the cut-outs. Hahahaha.

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