And this is why we haven’t sold her to the circus yet

The photo below is actually from about a week ago, and she is a lot fatter now. Like, noticeably fatter. Like, her double chin is so fat that it sticks out further than her original chin, and her cheeks are so fat that they have turned her face into a square.

Because all this child does is eat. Today I nursed her for the better part of six hours in a row, for real. She just ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate. After she finally tanked up I handed her off to my mom and passed out, feeling like I’d seriously had my life force drained out of me. I am a dairy cow/vampire victim.

But then there’s this.

photo 3

4 thoughts on “And this is why we haven’t sold her to the circus yet

  1. I think when Aki was about 2 weeks old, I suddenly sensed that I had not enough milk, because he drankanddrankanddranketc. Similar to what you describe. A friend of mine had also had experience. And I read a bit. And the information combined made me conclude that perhaps this is the newborn’s message to the boobies to produce more milk, for increased demand. In my case, the suckingtilithurtsmethod worked great for the baby. And of course, made me feel even more like a dairy cow, an even better dairy cow. Also, I had to drinkanddrinkanddrink (and eat) myself day and night to not feel I am drying out… until I finished nursing a year later. Because I really had enough at that point… (and the baby had started to move on to other things). Anyhow, you probably know all this, supply and demand stuff… Just to say that others have been through it – and survived it more or less unharmed.


  2. I am also drooling over pictures, so glad you have the energy to post them! I am sorry about all the pain and exhaustion, Rebecca… Those first few weeks are just surreal, aren’t they? I hope that with such good eating she will at least sleep a lot! Does she? (the pictures where you stare at each other lovingly with your gigantic boobs in the background speaks volumes) Hang on there all four of you! xxx


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