8 thoughts on “Trying my best; having some moments

  1. Love the pictures. Will look forward to seeing more writing in the distant future. If you are still surviving, you’re doing great. The first few weeks is really just the hardest. I mean, it can be really really awful. Breastfeeding will get easier, or at least bottles will flow and will be awesome. Sleeping will get easier (for you and the baby). Feelings of death and life and overwhelming emotions will get easier. You WILL start to feel like yourself again eventually.


  2. Congratulations and all best wishes for the parenting. I’ll be watching for your triumphant return to Slate, surely well before 2033!


  3. I don’t have a baby. I don’t plan to have a baby. But even I can tell you got yourself an especially cute one. The second-but-last picture: that baby loves her mom!


  4. Awww! It looks like you’re both doing very well (at what is admittedly a hard job — getting to know/figuring out how to work with each other).

    And yes, she is an especially cute baby (as well as, I suspect, having a loving and attentive photographer — that’s part of the fun of such pictures, knowing that there is a third party — whether dad or another relative — who cares enough about both of you to look for the right moment to take them). It may or may not be the right thing to say in the present circumstances, but as the child of a mother who didn’t survive until I was an adult, having such pictures has been very important to me.* I suspect the same can still be true for adult children of living parents; the reminder is still important, if perhaps a bit less poignant.

    *This despite the fact that I was not nearly as photogenic.


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