Hiatus Until Infinity

So, the short version is that a nine days ago I went into labor. I labored naturally for about 20 hours and then unnaturally for about nine more before I ended up having an emergency C-section because the baby’s head was just that gargantuan. Then I spent 3 days getting no sleep in the hospital while drugged out of my gourd (whilst also trying to learn to breastfeed, swaddle, diaper and generally be a parent), and then we brought our beautiful daughter home, where I continue to attempt to recover from major abdominal surgery whilst also caring for an infant whilst also having no idea how. My mother is here helping and my husband is pulling quadruple duty (WHILE WORKING), and I basically feel like a milking machine who is always in pain. As such, this will likely be the last you will see of me in the blogosphere until such time as I get my shit together around…say…2033. Here are some pics. She is very lucky she’s so cute.











18 thoughts on “Hiatus Until Infinity

  1. “She is very lucky she’s so cute. ” — your mother said the same thing about you. In any event, congratulations, ‘fortes fortuna juvat’, sleep when you may, and all the joy and luck in the world upon you!


  2. Awwwwa! Congratulations! It does really get better. You’ll once again be writing and laughing in the sun. Really!


  3. That is exactly what happened to me… about 20 years ago. My precious daughter is now a second-year in college. I will always remember those first months. So totally worth it. Your daughter is gorgeous. I’ll be thinking of you! As Anon says above, no worries, we’ll be here for you, eagerly awaiting your return (but no pressure!).


  4. She is, indeed, very cute. Will eagerly (but not breathlessly — that would be unwise) await your return to the blogosphere; in the meantime, enjoy (and take advantage of all the help you can get; humans were not designed to deal with babies in isolation).


  5. Sympathies to you on the surgery; everything will be better if they give you enough pain-relievers. Congratulations on the baby! Best wishes with the parenting; feed often, change diapers often, support the head. Remember everything else is optional.


  6. Be well! Come back sometime if you feel like it. You don’t believe it now, but the little one will be graduating high school in about twenty minutes.


  7. Congratulations! This early part will be over soon (and you don’t have to enjoy it, just survive) and in a few weeks your baby will laugh and smile and sleep more and be able to play. 🙂


  8. congrats!!! sorry about the long labor and the surgery. In between the feeding, burping, changing, don’t forget to take care of yourself, sleep when you can, and accept help whenever offered! The first few months are so overwhelming, but it WILL get easier! (think of all of us who volunteered to do it again!) I’m with Craig, she’ll be graduating in 20 minutes. For years I’ve been all “hey, I need some time for ME.” Now my son will graduate in 4 short months and I’m all, “Hey, what am I gonna do now?” Enjoy your new family!


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