Me no think or write good so here a few photos that I hope speak for themselves blurgh

We have decided to keep SchuBabby’s name off the Internet for the time being, so for now she will still be referred to as a rolling cadre of nicknames. Here are some early glamour shots. Last night was our first night home. So far so good!

2015-01-31 18.51.09 2015-01-31 18.45.23 2015-01-31 17.28.49 2015-01-29 10.13.06

21 thoughts on “Me no think or write good so here a few photos that I hope speak for themselves blurgh

    • Mazel Tov! You don’t know me, but I read your all your blog posts and send all best wishes for you and Schubabby who is adorable (I know some old Jewish men who are adorable too). Hals und Beinbruch in your new role Mama.

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  1. She’s here! Hurray! And yes, she is beautiful. Also, I like the look she’s giving the world over your shoulder. She’s got the raised-eyebrow expression of skepticism down already.


  2. What lucky mommy, daddy and baby! Well done on making it through the first night at home. I don’t mind temporary absence of text with the adorable pictures. xxx

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  3. Rebecca! I am so happy for you! I think that raised eyebrow in the most recent photo indicates someone may have inherited your wry sense of humor.

    In other news, I am giving birth to a much less charming kind of baby in two weeks: defense date is set for February 16th. Wish me luck!


    • Good luck Robert!!!!!!! Thinking of you! Hope you are enjoying SJ. Will never forget the “curious” taste of the tap water at that sushi place in Boys Town all those years ago… XOXOX


  4. Congratulations, Dr. Schuman. On behalf of your unknown legions of fans, I would like to say that your offspring is very impressive. Good luck to you as you teach it how to human.


  5. I just now stumbled across your Babby category, which is almost unthinkable because I spent so many hours hooked up to a breast pump and googling things like “academia motherhood help” and “why is my [insert number here] month old fucking crying” last year. Thanks for sharing with us!


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