29 thoughts on “Hoo boy.

  1. Rebecca, congrats on your sweet baby. She is beautiful, all babies are, even if they do look like 90-year-old Jewish men. Welcome to mommyhood and all the blessings and trials that go with it. Enjoy, it is the best thing you will ever do!


  2. congratulations!! and yes.. all newborns look like small jewish men.. but thankfully it will pass. She WILL be lovely very soon… I promise. 🙂 welcome to the mommyhood!!


  3. A thousand congratulations!! I think every family needs/wants/deserves at least one borscht belt comedian in the crew…

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum freudigen Ereignis!

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  4. I was like, “What’s up with Rebecca?” I Google you, and this is what I see. Wow, Rebecca, congrats! You did something I’m way too cowardly to do, and the result is thrilling.


  5. Congratulations! Be sure not to misplace the instruction manual. We left the instruction manual in the hospital somewhere, and we never were able to figure out how the little critter worked.


  6. Congratulations!! Oh, and that instruction manual – ours never read the textbook, they all did their own thing (sort of like undergrads!) so just go with the flow… Make sure you get some sleep tho’ 🙂


  7. Rebecca, I’ll add my sincere congrats to the stack. Actually, not to equate you to a geezer mensch, but she looks kinda like you! There’s a family resemblance, is what I’m saying. Best wishes to the three of you from the three of us, Sean (& Shveta & Dahlia, age 4)


  8. Rebeca, for a mother, her baby is the coolest child in the world and your little girl is a expensiveness. Compliments and The Lord to protects her!


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