13 thoughts on “Nope.

  1. Greetings to my favorite hippo in STL! Hang on there, R&W. I look forward to reading your birth story (in fact I already find it hard not to laugh at the thought of it).


  2. So, has your SO started yelling, “PUSH! PUSH!” at you, at more or less random moments? ‘Cause I’m told pregnant women think that’s just funny as hell … (But, almost seriously, best of wishes.)


  3. I feel like I’m a father in a 1950s movie, pacing the hospital hallway waiting for news from the delivery room.

    Seriously though, keeping you, your better half and tucked in baby in my thoughts.


  4. Welcome to Obama’s America! Now even pregnant women can’t get any relief! #THANKSOBAMA!!!

    p.s. for the snark-challenged (and if you don’t get snark why in the Hell are you on this blog????), that was a dumb joke and meant to be ironic).


  5. It’s tough. My mom continually reminded me that I was a “10 month” baby (and I was born in August). She even went to the hospital once and got sent home again! All the neighbors were asking “Haven’t you had that baby YET?” The only consolation I can give is the knowledge that everyone who gets this far along in their pregnancy does have the baby…eventually.


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