I hope my ex-boyfriends enjoy reading about themselves, and my in-laws enjoy reading about all the guys I did it with before I got married (for the second time)

PM announcement

There are a lot of people who deserve my undying gratitude for bringing this moment into the world. But you’ll all have to wait until I compose the book’s extremely witty acknowledgements to experience the full extent of just how thankful I am.

For now, this preliminary list of names that by no means encompasses all the people I owe: Amy Boutell, Dan Kois, David Haglund, Colin Dickerman, and the incomparable and spectacular Alia Hanna Habib.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “I hope my ex-boyfriends enjoy reading about themselves, and my in-laws enjoy reading about all the guys I did it with before I got married (for the second time)

  1. This is HUGE news! Wait — so you already have a first-rate academic book in contract with a top-notch university press? And now you have this SECOND book in contract?! Dude, you are officially a rock star! Squeee!

    Congratulations and a big hug from this longtime reader (and forever supporter). Please know I will be drinking to your health and continued success with several cups of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea.


    • Nope, I just got lucky (after many, many years of being unlucky). Honestly I am so happy about having a baby I didn’t really give this book proposal much emotional bandwidth (though I did take great care writing it, of course!), so when it got accepted I was mostly like WHA?


  2. You worked hard (and yes, perhaps got a little lucky, but all rock stars do). I started writing this comment several times and stopped because I feared my FanGirl gushing would (once again) make your eyes roll. But let me say it: THANK YOU. Now that I’m six months solidly, happily (and mostly “fully processed”) post ac, I am even more appreciative of your ongoing journalism on academia. Your lucid work, driven by common sense and decency, is the sole voice that credibly and consistently exposes the exploitative–neoliberal–corporate–elitist bullshit of today’s higher education.

    But….more important, and radical 180 turn:

    I am SO happy that you have your on-the-way-little one!! (what a joy to be a parent without academic guilt–I know, there’s no dearth of parental guilts, but really, in the last two months I’ve had conversations with several older academics who have expressed very strong regrets over the toll academic work/pressure for productivity took on the quality/amount of time they spent with families).


  3. [I am a jealous trolly troll who is hella fucking jealous. I have so little going on in my life that I have to go out of my way to post petty, openly jealous bullshit about someone I know nothing about. I probably have a very, very small penis. Why don’t girls like me? Must be all the trolling.]


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