Academic Science Is Great, Say Women Who Have Succeeded In It Or Are Awaiting Tenure Terrified

The academic world is abuzz about what has got to be the NYT‘s biggest piece of clickbait since they let a shill for the Weston Price Foundation claim that all pregnant women need dairy and meat or their babbys will die (meanwhile, actual science has come out with an excellent, non-dairy-industry-funded report that drinking non-human milk after weaning is not actually the key to perfect bone health, ha).

The piece is called “Academic Science Isn’t Sexist,” and for reasons I do not understand, the NYT hasn’t opened comments on it. I mean, wtf? You’re going to publish clickbait, milk (as it were) the clicks.

Anyway, I’m working on something about this piece, and I need your help. Do you work in STEM or social sciences? Did you read this op-ed? Do you have any issues with the authors’ method of data collection, conclusions, or anything else about the article? If so, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, either in comments on this blog or by email. I already have several queries out to scholar-scientists who have dared to question this claim in print (even, gasp, some MEN).

Pass it on!

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