The academic world is abuzz about what has got to be the NYT‘s biggest piece of clickbait since they let a shill for the Weston Price Foundation claim that all pregnant women need dairy and meat or their babbys will die (meanwhile, actual science has come out with an excellent, non-dairy-industry-funded report that drinking non-human milk after weaning is not actually the key to perfect bone health, ha).

The piece is called “Academic Science Isn’t Sexist,” and for reasons I do not understand, the NYT hasn’t opened comments on it. I mean, wtf? You’re going to publish clickbait, milk (as it were) the clicks.

Anyway, I’m working on something about this piece, and I need your help. Do you work in STEM or social sciences? Did you read this op-ed? Do you have any issues with the authors’ method of data collection, conclusions, or anything else about the article? If so, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, either in comments on this blog or by email. I already have several queries out to scholar-scientists who have dared to question this claim in print (even, gasp, some MEN).

Pass it on!


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