You say I only hear what I want to

…and what I hear is the question:


“Are you pregnant, or just dressed up like Lisa Loeb?”

This is a cheap, shitty, poorly-made, exploitatively constructed maternity dress from Old Navy. It sucks. All Old Navy maternity clothes are cut low enough that one or both of my monstrous mammaries could sproing out at any moment. Why? They assume just because pregnant ladies have huge cans that we want to show them off all the time? MAYBE I DON’T. “I think it looks nice,” is the other opinion around here, by the way. Perv.

PS and NO those cowboy boots did not pass the “can I walk in these without wanting to die” test; they, too, shall henceforth be retired until further notice.

2 thoughts on “You say I only hear what I want to

  1. too funny, lisa. if it makes you feel any better, I have a picture of myself wearing a similarly cheap and exploitatively constructed outfit, but in 1997 (& I just may have seen the real lisa loeb in concert that year!). styles changed a lot after that, but it looks like now they’re changing back (yes, now I’m old enough to see maternity fashion repeat-egad!). EXCEPT, In my pic I am wearing green leggings and a pink shirt/dress. since I’ve always been an army-green wearing kind of person, that outfit was particularly horrifying. why did I let “them” dress me up like that?

    It works much better in black. I think you look great! 🙂


  2. I have so much guilt over the money I’ve spent at Old Navy while pregnant. But…it’s *really hard* to find secondhand maternity clothes, the ones at Macy’s are ridiculously expensive, and I certainly do not have the skillz or equipment to sew my own. We can go back to not buying shitty, exploitatively constructed clothes later.

    The boots are cute, btw!


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