Me Talk Good

In case anyone is interested, here is the PDF version (complete with testy “talking points” that did not need to be brought up b/c everyone was on the level) of the talk I gave last week at the Penn State Alt-Ac symposium. Complete with stage directions for when to roll my eyes! I do NOT generally speak off the cuff at things like this, because if I do, I will go over time, and the one thing that non-academics do well (which was pointed out multiple times throughout the day) is keep to time limits on talks, I mean FOR REAL, every single participant at this thing kept to their 7-10. Ha.

And, special bonus, here’s the only pic I took “at” the conference, which is me on my second teeny tiny plane home (the first one was on a PROP PLANE and I for SERIOUS damn year yarfed on landing; if I’d still been in the first trimester it would have been a Stand By Me-esque Barf-o-Rama). I’m in the very last row, pretty much in the shitter. Fun times.

2014-09-16 12.15.19

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