It’s a #TheMoreYouKnow Moment For Me Too, You Guys

If there is one thing I am bad at–like, openly abysmal–it’s dealing with criticism from mean people online. Besides my sweet caftans and my famous sandwich recipe, I’d say it’s the thing I’m BEST known for. Well, as of today, I officially promise to mend my ways. And along the way, I ask professors and celebrities to as well–for more, check out my latest for Slate‘s BrowBeat blog. Here’s an amuse bouche (sic):

…Sweet intellectual revenge. I understand the appeal, because hell, I just did it myself—in fact, even in my post-academic life I’ve made it a hobby to isolate and mock people who make mean comments about me online. But it makes me feel dirty to do so, and I’m going to try not to do it anymore. As cute as those Lehigh profs are—and I’d take every one of their classes, especially those of econ prof Frank Gunter, who, when a student lambasted his course on the political economy of Iraq, just said, “Thanks, Mom”—I suspect they might be feeling just a little dirty, too.

Read the whole thing here!

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