Whoop-dee-fuckin’-do, amirite? Anyway, I’ll be back to, you know, saying things, as soon as I can muster up the energy/desire to be picked on. For now, you get this. I’m 38, and I made this caftan yesterday out of silver and black leopard-print stretch silk. I made it knee-length because a pattern like this would otherwise swallow even my impressive girth whole. My MO right now is big hat + big hair + big purse + big pattern + big sunglasses + big gal = Hooray?

2014-08-31 11.26.55


3 thoughts on “Yes, I Am Bad At Blogging, Here’s Caftan #2, and It’s My Birthday

  1. Love the contrasting patterns, black/white + splash of red color scheme (that quilted purse is to die for)! Great ensemble, you look fantastic! Happy 38th!!


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