6 thoughts on “What Happens When Your Editor Falls In Love with Angela Merkel

  1. Check out the sartorial genius of her date in 1996. The glasses, the glitter jacket! It’s almost enough to make you want to sit through the Ring cycle … 😉


  2. Hey, the Salzburg Festival isn’t ‘Teutonic’ and neither are Bundesangie’s lovely gladrags! Crucial Hinweis from the Bild article says she bought it in California. Embrace the dreamcoat, Amerika!


  3. I have a confession to make: I, too, used to wear my outfits several days in a row. To my defense, I come from and used to live in one of the small German speaking countries in Europe, where everyone still does that, so I happily carried on for the first 15 years of my life wearing an outfit for several days before putting it in the laundry and then starting over again.
    That is, until I came to the US as an exchange student during high school. I remember very clearly the precise moment during the preparatory week-end before we went abroad when our counsellors insisted that all American women a) shaved their legs and armpits and b) changed outfits every day, implying that we better do the same in order to fit in. a) had reached the continent by then, but b) seemed strange and impractical. Also, if the clothes weren’t actually washed but just put back into the closet, how was one to remember which item is dirty and which is not?

    Sadly enough, I don’t think I’ve received a better piece of advice, as I (still! more than 10 years later!) shudder to think back on the one time I wore the same shirt two school days in a row. Let’s just say people noticed.

    I must suffer from PTSD: though I’ve been back in Europe for years and years, I still change my clothes daily, or feel guilty when I don’t (ah, those library writing session outfits!) And I still haven’t completely figured out how to separate the clean from the not-entirely-clean clothes.


    • EVERYBODY should wear their outfits multiple days in a row. I FULLY SUPPORT THIS. I would do this if it were socially acceptable in the US (and, in fact, when I am not working outside the home, I do).


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