Germans (and AUSTRIANS!) Messing with Amazon

Today on Slate, I share with the English-speaking public the wonderful analog cheekiness of fruit merchant Susanne from Baden. And I manage to get in some fun facts about Bertolt Brecht, and a link to both the Louis Armstrong “Mack the Knife” and the Tom Waits “What Keeps Mankind Alive.” You can force my ass out of the classroom, you can tell me I wasn’t “suited” for it, you can crow about how I’m not beholden to “academic civility” (a thing, apparently?), but none of that will ever stop me from sharing my favorite German things with as many people as I can.

2 thoughts on “Germans (and AUSTRIANS!) Messing with Amazon

  1. Hi Rebecca, I’m Roman Kmenta from Austria and the creator of the “Obststand” campaign and photo. I like your article on slate a lot, but as I am Austrian, I have to make something 100 % clear. Yes, Germans have a certain sense of humor, but … this is an excellente example for AUSTRIAN humor! 😉


    • Hallo! There was a major Streit between me and my editor about this, and we even have an “…and Austrians” version ready to go (hab eigentlich ein Jahr in Wien verbracht, und muss sagen, dass die Wiener Humor beeindruckender als zB Berliner Humor war), but because the Süddeutsche wasn’t clear on which Baden it was (I suspected it might be the Wien Baden, as opposed to the German one), my editor kept it German for now. It’s now been so long that I’m not sure they’ll think it worthy to run a correction, but for what it’s worth, I suspected this and had a correction ready to go! Vielen vielen Dank für das Foto, und schöne Grüße aus den USA!


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