Revise, Resubmit, Win

When I wrote my peer-review article for Slate (which was excoriated — my biggest WTF moment of my career, since in private every academic in the world loathes peer review), I always envisioned a companion piece for academics (esp. junior academics) on what to do with a nasty R&R (“revise and resubmit”). I’ve only gotten a few in my life, but I made them work for me (or, possibly, even werq for me), and you can, too. Don’t take my advice on how to get a job, but feel safe to take it on publishing, since I had a pretty good run of it while I was trying.

So, here it is on Vitae, with (again) the best art in the world to go with it: The Peer-Review Jerk Survival Guide!

4 thoughts on “Revise, Resubmit, Win

  1. “You want to get that revision published? Then every missive you send that editor is a) two sentences long, and b) cheerful. Period.”

    I love this advice because it is so so true. Also, in my experience of dealing with journal editors, they are over-worked, stressed from chasing slow reviewers, and are some of the nicest people in the profession. Now, I’ve had articles rejected outright (no resubmit) in which the reviewers were all snark (“Maybe you should learn a bit about author X before attempting to write about author X”) which is infuriating you’ve been waiting for 9-12 months for the reviewer’s report.

    My response is always, “LOL, wut?” (Actually, this is my response to most things in our profession.)


  2. Again, another piece I loved. I actually loved the “cheerful. Period”. I’m an assistant editor for JESS, and trust me, all I want is to read cheerful stuff. I’ve received SO MANY nasty peer reviews, it’s not even funny.


    • I’m sure you have, and thanks for all your kind words. So, as an editor, am I correct in saying that THE LAST thing authors want to do is send some sort of fight-picking 2000 words to you about the minutiae of an R&R?


  3. Absolutely. I want authors to tell me “Dear Dr. Pacheco-Vega, Reviewer 3 is a total d!ckhead but regardless, I took X and Y comments that were very insightful and here are the changes I made” 🙂


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