Too Hot for my Ancestral Homeland!

H/t to my friend and philosopher extraordinaire, Anna Alexandrova, who, whilst dutifully checking the latest on the most important website in the world (this one) from her dad’s house, noticed that I’ve been BLOCKED IN RUSSIA. Those of you who speak (or, like me, can allegedly and laboriously read) Russian will enjoy this:


So, I wonder why. I mean, perhaps the Russians can see into my soul, or eavesdrop on my private conversations, so they know that I support Ukraine, and have referred to the economic system of post-Soviet Russia as “an oligarchic empire of blood-thirsty hyper-capitalist thugs” on multiple occasions. Perhaps it’s because I use Putin as my punchline to “if your leader has been ‘elected’ for a longer time than most of my students have been alive, then you live in an oppressive regime” joke. Of course, I haven’t put any of this on my blog–though now that I know the Russians are after me, why hold back? Russian Federation, I officially put you on my list. How’s THAT for comeuppance?!?

Dear Russia,

I don’t know whether to say “fuck you” or “thank you.” If it hadn’t been for your pogroms back during the turn of the 20th Century, my Bumpa never would have had to flee your country on foot and emigrate to the United States as a child, and there would be no Schuman family. So, great?


Rebecca Schuman, eighth-Russian, half-Jew, all-censored

11 thoughts on “Too Hot for my Ancestral Homeland!

  1. Good for you! This is a sign you are definitely doing a lot of good with your blog. Of course, I’m also very envious. I want to be banned, too! Haven’t I written enough Putin-hating screeds?


  2. I am not quite sure being spied on is much better than being banned, but then I do not have this american obsession between dividing the world into baddies and goodies (for which see also the support to the semi-fascist regime in Ukraine). You can despise Putin without liking his enemies. I don’t.


  3. Aw Rebecca, I am sorry, but you appear to have been unblocked! I have just accessed you from my childhood bedroom. It must had been your letter! xo


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