My latest for Slate is on Slavoj Žižek’s latest kerfuffle–he’s been accused of plagiarism (and you WILL NOT BELIEVE from where).

But that’s not all that will surprise you (I’ve often been accused of writing “click bait”–no, THIS is click bait. —->). You’ll also be shocked just shocked at how I sort of understand where he’s coming from (FOR SERIOUS), and also by a stealth reference to You-Know-Who. I cannot IMAGINE the hate mail I am going to get. Because if I thought Žižekophants were bad, I’ll be positively longing for them when I start getting it from white supremacists and fans of Kevin MacDonald’s anti-Semitic drivel.

ALSO–this important piece of investigative journalism proves, once again, that there is a Mr. Show sketch for every occasion:


2 thoughts on “To Be Fair, I Also Read Back Issues of WHITE POWER WEEKLY For Fun

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