Eric Jarosinski Wrote This With His Thumbs

All right, I’m not sure he wrote this long-awaited and utterly ass-kicking article on the Chronicle with his thumbs, but that’s the rumor. The rumor is that Eric Jarosinski, the brains behind @NeinQuarterly and close, personal Friend of Schuman (all right, vague and highly tolerant Friend-ish of Schuman, but still), has only thumbs. Somewhere he’s sitting quietly at his desk, thumb-typing because that’s the only way he can. Did I ever tell you that my insistence that NOT EVERYONE USES A DESK got me my very own @NeinQuarterly “desk” gag? Well, it did. Now I can’t find it, but it did.

Anyway, as I have written before in many venues, Eric is an inspiration to Germanists everywhere (and especially me), a staggeringly brilliant utopian-negation humorist, and–scowling Adorno notwithstanding–an extremely, extremely nice person. Let’s all continue to wish him the absolute best and buy all his merchandise.

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