Philosophers Working Outside Academia

Here’s an interesting new post on NewAPPS about philosophers philosophizing outside academia. NewAPPS’s Helen de Cruz interviewed a bunch of people–including FoS Zac Ernst!–about what they’re doing now and how they got there.

Here’s an enlightening excerpt, from philosopher Nate Smith, who is now a QA Engineer for a network company:

“Somewhere around year 3 [in grad school], I realized that all the hard work to prove myself good enough to get an academic job had no end in sight. It was all pretty stressful, and getting a job was just going to be the beginning. I was looking at years and years before I’d ever even have a chance at getting tenure somewhere (maybe like 10!), and I was starting to dread it. I love philosophy, but I think I just didn’t love it quite enough to be willing to subject myself to everything that was going to be required to be successful. I wanted to get on with my life, and pursue other things that didn’t have anything to do with philosophy. Academic philosophy was totally consuming my life, and I just didn’t like how unbalanced it felt. Then I realized, I don’t HAVE to do this to myself. All this, and there wasn’t even any guarantee of success.”

Read the whole thing here!

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