GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY! The Fulbright program has been spared, for now! If you’ll remember, a few months ago I contributed to the Save Fulbright movement with a short article for Slate, but the real work was by the #SaveFulbright crowd, including my friend Yussi Pick. (And an especially big hurra to Lonnie Johnson, the Austrians and the Austrian Fulbright Commission–a tiny representative of the program from a tiny country that did an outsized amount of dedicated activisim!)

So congratulations Yussi, LoJo, the AAEC crowd (what’s got two thumbs and would KILL to be at the Museumsquartier right about now? Dieses ich, that’s what), and to all of us alums, and to every future Fulbrighter in the world who will now continue to have the chance to create mutual understanding between cultures, all over the world.  Well, maybe not in Iraq. (Seriously, could Dick Cheney go fuck himself any more? Come ON. Of all the people–literally, all the people in the entire world--to come out in public and mention the word “Iraq” on purpose, to remind everyone of what he did…consider my mind blown. But you know what? More Fulbrighters equals FEWER DICK CHENEYS.)

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