German Grocery Stores FOREVER

This weekend, the powers that be at Slate have been kind enough to promote my all-positive all-the-time article on the fantastic alternative admissions program at Bard College, which means I have had an article go viral that DOESN’T excoriate anything or anyone, which proves it can be done.

More perplexingly, however, the article on the German grocery store Aldi that I wrote LAST DECEMBER has gone re-viral and is currently occupying Slate #1. This proves definitively my working hypothesis that there ain’t no party like a German grocery-store party–the more rules and the grumpier the employees, the better. I haven’t eaten dairy since 2007, but this makes me hungry for some Quark.


4 thoughts on “German Grocery Stores FOREVER

  1. There’s nothing wrong with repeating what an awesome store Aldi is. I love not having to ponder the differences between indistinguishable brands of the same product. I love stores that don’t suck away two hours of your life before you leave. The time can’t come soon enough that Aldi fills every corner of the U.S.


  2. Quark is one of the fundamental building blocks of good nutrition. Or maybe a building block of matter. I know it’s something like that. If I had paid attention in my high school health class or physics, I’d be able to figure this out.


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