This Would Also Be A Good Time To Admit You Loved “Easy A”

Emma Stone breakout role FTW!

Speaking of Scarlet A’s and HEAVING BOSOMS, here is my latest on Vitae, in which I offer yet another offbeat “solution” to the adjunct crisis–concluded with a link to a very real, very serious and very awesome initiative by Sarah Kendzior and Shannon Garth-Rhodes, GEDs and PhDs. Yes, I shame people for hand-writing and then give them something to do with those hands: Donate ca$h money to a worthwhile cause that actually fixes things. Please donate!

7 thoughts on “This Would Also Be A Good Time To Admit You Loved “Easy A”

  1. Awesome idea, because it creates incentives for TT faculty to improve the conditions for everybody. If nothing else, if students saw the salary range of their instructors, I bet there would be fewer requests for recommendation letters for grad school applications.

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  2. I like it. The only thing that I would worry about is if the catalog and corresponding salaries were presented in a way that would undermine my authority in the classroom from the very first day of class. I do tell my students about adjuncts and their academic labor (and I work at a relatively fair university with good working conditions), but I only do so after I’ve established myself as someone who knows what she is doing in both the content area and their instruction. I love college frosh, but I don’t necessarily trust them to understand the difference between what I am *worth* versus what I am *paid.* If they knew walking in that I was an “ADJUNCT” that makes, like, nothing, without knowing the full context of why there are so many adjuncts, I would worry that it would rip away the one bit of academic authority that I have – my own classroom. I guess along with the catalog, there would have to be a meaty information campaign, and TTs would have to be a part of it.


    • I actually recommend to undergraduates that they take courses taught by adjuncts and explain to them that they’re a lot more likely to get an instructor who actually gives a shit. Maybe there could be a pair of numbers after each course listing: A gives-a-shit ranking followed by what the instructor is paid to teach the course.


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